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Every year our family of 110,000 colleagues helps 2.2 billion customers to get to work, go to school, visit family and get to where they want to go.

In a world of rapid urbanisation and expanding populations, congestion is a growing problem. Enabling people to live ever closer together, yet still move about and prosper is a major challenge. FirstGroup is one of the few organisations in the world with the scale and expertise to meet this challenge.

Our vision

Our Vision provides us with our purpose and ambition – what we need to achieve in order to be successful.

The Vision helps to build our reputation as a company that puts its customers at the heart of everything we do.

Everything must be seen through the eyes of our customers. A focus on putting our customers first will help to achieve growth and lead to further opportunities for our employees, further partnerships with stakeholders and ultimately, a more sustainable and stronger Group.

Our values

1. Committed to our customers

We keep our customers at the heart of everything we do

2. Dedicated to safety

Always front of mind, safety is our way of life

3. Supportive of each other

We trust each other to deliver and work to help one another succeed

4. Accountable for performance

Every decision matters, we do the right thing to achieve our goals

5. Setting the highest standards

We want to be the best, continually seeking a better way to do things